“I would recommend this TMS treatment. The staff was very professional and nice. After suffering with depression most of my adult life and taking over 20 different medications, I am finally feeling good about myself and those around me. I am hopeful that this will be a permanent solution to a debilitating problem that has controlled my life for over 40 years.” – Stacy, a TMS patient

“I would recommend Houston West TMS to anyone. It did improve my quality of life.” – Michael, a TMS patient

“I give Houston West TMS 5 stars because most of my depressive symptoms has been conspicuously attenuated by the conclusion of the treatment”. – Richard, a TMS patient

“TMS has been a godsend for me. Brainsway Deep TMS has been more effective and longer lasting than my past experiences with Magstim and Neurostar”. – Linda, a TMS patient

“TMS saved my life and helped me climb out of a very dark place. It helped me cut back on the amount of medications that I took for years. I would highly suggest TMS for moderate or severe depression.” – Holly, a TMS patient

“I would recommend TMS because the side effects were less and benefits were greater than trying a new medication. I appreciated Dr. Drell checking in on treatments! Since I did not have many more medication options, TMS was a very good option!” – Rachel, a TMS patient